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Birthing bed AVE

  1. Product philosophy

    Product philosophy

    The AVE birthing bed is unique in terms of its visual aspect as well as original technical design. It provides a wide range of completely innovative solutions, which make using the AVE bed more comfortable and easier for women in labour as well as for assisting personnel.

    Eccentric position of the lifting support and new concept of foot section adjustment allow high flexibility in the bed adjustment. A woman in labour can freely select the most optimum birthing position for her. Design of the bed provides easy operation, fast manipulation and easy cleaning for the personnel.

    Unique design of the bed gives the sense of safety and comfort to women in labour. The massage segment and other functions accommodate the mothers‘ needs. Undoubtedly, the top-class AVE bed increases prestige of medical facilities.

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  2. Design


    Unique design of the AVE bed is noticeable. It is exceptional in terms of respecting the principles of health care and requirements of assisting personnel and it also accommodates the needs of women in labour and it positively influences the course of birthing for woman and the child. Last but not least, the design of AVE improves working environment and increases reputation of the maternity unit and whole hospital.

    AVE is ergonomic and pleasant in terms of simple and easy operation for personnel as well as for women in labour. It can be equipped with many components that increase comfort and functionality. You can choose from four pleasant colour versions of the design.

    The AVE birthing bed gained the award of "Outstanding Design“ awarded by Design Centrum of the Czech republic. The designer of the AVE birthing bed is sculptor Jiří Španihel.

  3. Innovativeness

    Innovative solution

    Original concept of the supporting area fixation on eccentrically placed lifting support allows easy sliding of the foot section under supporting area with no need to remove it. The foot section can be adjusted into several secured functional positions by one person with ease.

    Significant flexibility of the foot section adjustment is also a unique BORCAD solution. Owing to that, quick reactions to situations during the delivery and adjustment of appropriate position are possible.

    The massage segment, which reduces mother's pains and contributes to increasing comfort and calmness before birth, is a highly innovative element. Similarly, the flowing adjustment of lumbar support will meet the mother's needs during the first stage of birth.

  4. Easy Handling

    Easy to manipulate

    Controlling elements on the bed, which are comprehendible and easy, make work of medical personnel significantly faster. Control of ergonomically shaped parts of the bed is not hard and can easily be performed by one person.

    Height of the supporting area, inclination of the seat and back section can be adjusted electronically so personnel can set the optimum position speedily. Intuitive manual control is clear and suitable for use by woman in labour.

    Unusual position of the lifting support out of the centre of the bed allows to connect the foot section with supporting area or to insert it under the supporting area with no need to remove the foot section.

  5. Hygiene with no compromise

    Hygiene with no compromise

    Compact construction and plastic cover of the bed base make cleaning easier and reduce the time required for maintenance. Seamless and removable upholstery significantly reduces the risk of nosocomial infections. The bed is made of modern materials that comply with demanding conditions of health care.

  6. Safety


    Wide supporting area creates the feeling of safety for the woman in labour and it also allows her partner to be in continuous contact. Very low minimum access height of the bed allows even small women to accede comfortably. The birthing bed has no unsafe gaps or sharp edges, which increases safety of attending personnel. Wireless foot controller eliminates the risk of stumbling over cabling. CPR and Trendelenburg function included.

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