Multifunctional chair PURA for Dialysis - Medical technologies

Multifunctional chair PURA for Dialysis

  1. Product philosophy

    Product philosophy

    Design and comfort are the main attributes of the PURA multifunctional chair. That is why the chair will be applied in health care, in social areas and other services. It is suitable for dialysis departments, examination rooms, treatment rooms or beauty salons.

    It offers healthy sitting which is why it is ideal for treatments where clients spend more time in one position.

    The comfort able loading area and ergonomic armrests especially provide maximum comfort during the treatment.

  2. Design


    Unique design of the chair creates a pleasant feeling for patients, improves working environment for personnel and increases prestige of the institution. Thanks to its compact size, the chair does not require much space and it can be used in smaller consulting rooms too. The supporting area is designed so that it is maximally comfortable for patients during the treatment. The chair is produced in four colour versions that contribute to patient's mental well-being.

  3. Innovativeness


    Wide and ergonomically shaped armrests are very comfortable for patients. In addition, the armrests are fully adjustable from the patient's position, which makes work of the attending personnel easier. The solution of footrest, which increases patient's comfort, is also unique. Clients can control this support too and change their position on the chair.

  4. Easy Handling

    Easy Handling

    Handling of the chair is clear and easy and there is no need for complicated training. Personnel can lock the keyboard of the control using a magnetic key. Thanks to removable armrests the chair can be manoeuvred through narrowed places with ease.

  5. Hygiene with no compromise

    Hygiene with no compromise

    Compact construction and plastic cover of the underframe make cleaning easier and reduce the time required for maintenance. Seamless upholstery allows perfect disinfection. The chair is made of modern materials, which fully comply with demanding conditions of health care.

  6. Safety


    Firm construction guarantees perfect stability of the chair. The chair has no unsafe gaps or sharp edges, which increases safety of the patient and personnel.

PURA Multifunctional Chair presentation

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