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SELLA multifunctional chair

  1. Product philosophy

    Product philosophy

    The Sella multifunctional chair is equipped with a range of required functions that provide the immovable person with comfort and more self-reliance and also makes care significantly easier for the attending personnel. This outstanding assistant will be applied in retirement houses, sanatoriums, hospitals and also within home care.

    High variability of adjustability allows setting of the chair as per individual patients need. The chair is very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

    Attending personnel will experience significant assistance and ease during demanding actions such as mobilization, transfer to bed or transport. Simple examinations can be carried out in the chair as well.

  2. Design


    Design of the SELLA chair combines high function, pleasantness and simplicity. The result is increase in quality of immovable person's life and making care easier for attending personnel. The chair can be operated with ease because of its low weight, ergonomic control and many inestimable functions.

    Attractive design of the chair, which is available in four trendy colours, has positive effect on patient's psyche and improves any interior. The designer of the SELLA multifunctional chair is the sculptor Jiří Španihel.

  3. Innovativeness


    The unique patented combination of functions allows mobilization of an immovable person without any physical strain. Thanks to hydraulic elevation and tilting capability of the whole chair including the seat and adjustment of armrests for arm lifting, getting off the chair for the client is really very easy.

    Patients can be comfortably moved from the chair to bed and vice versa using horizontal position of the chair and height adjustment. Besides that the height of the chair can also be adjusted or the back and foot part can be tilted into several positions.

    Construction of the SELLA chair is adapted for personnel's easy access and some less-complicated examinations or procedures can be carried out directly in the chair.

  4. Easy Handling

    Easy Handling

    The chair is highly versatile and can be set exactly as the patient or personnel actually need. Adjustability is comfortable and easy. Transport of the chair is easy as well because the chair is light and has ergonomic control. Small castors, which, thanks to rotation around the axis, make manoeuvring easier, are more suitable for transport in narrow interiors. A chair with big castors is better for moving outside or in uneven terrain.

  5. Hygiene with no compromise

    Hygiene with no compromise

    The SELLA transport chair can easily be cleaned with commonly available detergents. Construction of the chair allows fast and easy cleaning, which saves medical personnel's time. For thorough disinfection the sitting part can be removed so that you can get to places, which are not easily accessible.

  6. Safety


    The SELLA multifunctional transport chair is equipped with functions that make it absolutely safe for the patient as well as for the attending personnel. The central brake not only enhances client's safety but also makes handling easier for attending personnel. It is easily accessible from both sides of the chair. The chair also includes a special safety step-paddle for braking, which automatically stops the chair by stepping down on it.

SELLA Multifunctional Chair presentation

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