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Multifunctional chair PURA for ONE-DAY surgery

  1. Product philosophy

    Product philosophy

    The chair is suitable when carrying out modern minimally invasive interventions during which it is not necessary for a patient to be moved. The chair thus helps the attending personnel to prevent backache and saves its time. Easy-to-use and intuitive control facilitates quick adjustment into a suitable position. The PURA chair creates comfortable and safe environment for patients and simultaneously makes their stay more pleasant. The chair does not require much space. In addition, it offers ergonomic and comfortable sitting for clients who need to stay in one position only for a longer time during the treatment.
  2. Design


    Unique design of the chair creates a pleasant feeling for patients, improves working environment for personnel and increases prestige of the institution. Thanks to its compact size, the chair does not require much floor space and it can be used in smaller consulting rooms too. The loading area is designed so that it is maximally comfortable for patients during the treatment. The chair is produced in four colour versions that contribute to patient's mental well-being.

  3. Innovativeness


    Wide and ergonomically shaped armrests are very comfortable for patients. In addition, the armrests are fully adjustable from the patient's position, which makes work of the attending personnel easier. The solution of footrest, which increases patient's comfort, is also unique. Clients can control this support too and change their position in the chair.

  4. Easy Handling

    Easy Handling

    Control of the chair is clear and easy and requires no complicated training. Quick adjustment of the chair into the anti-shock position using a single button increases patient ́s safety in emergency situations. In order to get into a relaxed position the chair offers the option of horizontal adjustment using one button only.
  5. Hygiene with no compromise

    Hygiene with no compromise

    Compact surfaces, seamless upholstery and a construction not exhibiting compound lever patterns make the cleaning of the whole chair PURA much faster. Joined seat and foot sections are covered with antibacterial and seamless upholstery. This solution allows for very simple hygiene. Compact surface of the underframe guarantees easy cleaning.

  6. Safety


    Foot-controlled anti-shock position enables having free hands in critical situations when a quick reaction of the attending personnel is necessary. The function is easily accessible from both sides of the chair. You can adjust the chair into the anti-shock position also using a single button on the remote control.

PURA Multifunctional Chair presentation

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