Quality management of the company BORCAD cz, Czech Republic

Quality Management

BORCAD CZ s.r.o. is a renowned and well-established producer of railway technologies. Our objective is a satisfied customer, who puts high demands on quality and safety alongside innovative approach, reliable cooperation and flexibility. Our approach is based on the five principles of our Quality Policy, duly implemented and followed meticulously in our everyday work in order to achieve that high satisfaction of our customers and suppliers.

BORCAD CZ s.r.o. is issuing the following Quality Assurance Policy in order to support the achievement of its strategic objectives and to follow the company’s vision:

1. Customer focus

In cooperation with the client we would like to create a product with a distinctly different new philosophy, which will allow the company to achieve a unique market position. We need to handle the customer’s needs and expectations so as to ensure perfect satisfaction of the clients with our products.

2. Process improvement

We view all our activities as controlled processes. In order to keep pace with the demands and needs of our customers we are doing our best to continuously enhance these processes for the benefit of our customers.

3. People

Our employees, who make a wonderful team, are the greatest capital of our company. We want to keep and develop this capital as the future of our company will be built upon it.

4. Cooperation with the suppliers

Our priority is to create mutually beneficial and close relationships with the suppliers of our material inputs and components for the final assembly. This shall help us to speed up the preparation of deliveries, improve the quality and thus increase the satisfaction of our customers in the market.

5. Service

We guarantee user support over the whole lifetime of the product to ensure its reliability and safety.

To carry out this Quality Assurance Policy the management undertakes that:

1. there will be taken no measures or decisions, which would go against the guaranteed quality level or customer satisfaction in any way

2. it will use the talents and experience of all staff of the company to the best

The management expects its employees:

1. to actively participate in the fulfilling of the objectives and the quality assurance policy

2. to actively participate in the improvement of the quality of our products

In Fryčovice, 8. 4. 2016

Ivan Boruta
Company Executive

Railway Technology