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Train seat COMFORT

  1. Design


    The exclusive design of the seat creates high-prestige environment in the interior and ideal space for long journeys. Its construction solution allows passengers to enjoy a unique travel experience, which is well demonstrated by the prestigious German Red Dot Design Award 2012.

  2. Travel comfort

    Travel comfort

    The original solution for the seat position adjustment allows finding the optimal sitting position at every moment of a long journey. The shift of the seat and wide and comfortable bolsters offer to passengers an ideal opportunity to have a rest with no limits as regards space for a passenger sitting behind. Great variability of accessories, wide seat section and ergonomic solution of the seat makes the travelling become a genuine COMFORT.

  3. Ellectrically Controlled COMFORT - NEW

    Electrically Controlled COMFORT - NEW


    The Canadian operator ROCKY MOUNTAINER (RM) operates touristic trains in the Rocky Mountains in Canada´s majestic west. The prestigious GoldLeaf Service offers the experience to enjoy the journey in bi-level domed coaches with a dining room on the ground floor and with panoramic windows on the first floor where COMFORT seats by the Borcad Company are situated.

    The electrically controlled seat includes an adjustable backrest, foot rest, lumbar support and heated seat section as well as seat backrest. Seats are placed on a revolving base allowing for its manipulation by up to 180 degrees. This function enables the seats to have small tables integrated directly in the armrests instead of being installed in the back part of the seat. In this way it is possible to use the seats COMFORT in any configuration. Thanks to the integrated solution it is possible to adjust all seats into a basic position as well as to the position for interior cleaning using a single button, which makes the work of the personnel much easier.

  4. Accessories


    The 10‘‘ monitor located in the back cover and accentuating a high level of travel can be part of the seat. The seat also offers an optional integrated small table suitable for both work even with bigger laptops or refreshments. Storage space for printed material is available in two versions and even a comfortable and adjustable foot support is not missing. A grip and a lamp for reading can be added to the side cover of the bolster. Power or USB socket is available as well since it has now become a must not only in long-distance transport.

COMFORT train seat in the Leo Express train