Luxurious passenger seat EXCELLENT, the highest quality, maximum comfort and safety - Railway technologies

Train seat EXCELLENT

  1. Electric control

    Electric control

    You can switch the seat from work position to relaxation position by means of a control panel integrated in the right arm-rest of the seat.

  2. Comfort for work and rest

    Comfort for work and rest 

    It combines the privacy of a car with the comfort of an office and the friendliness of home. The folding foot-rest section and the ergonomic adjustment of the back-rest section create an ideal environment for relaxation during long journeys.

  3. Quality and design

    Quality and design

    Maximum use of space ensures privacy and the feeling of ease during the whole journey. With precisely selected materials and workmanship of the highest quality the seat provides the passengers maximum comfort and safety.

  4. Comfort


    The range of adjustment for the lumbar support allows finding the ideal ergonomic position for every passenger. The quality of seated positions ensured especially by the sufficient length and angle of seat adjustment along with the optimum contours of the back-rest.

Premium class of the Leo Express trains with the EXCELLENT seat