Train seat GENIO, comfort and safety on regional lines - Railway technologies

Train seat GENIO

  1. Slim


    The construction of the seat GENIO follows the latest trends in the railway transport, including primarily regional and intercity transport. The seat has a reduced built-in depth while maintaining favourable ergonomic parameters and a revolutionary construction solution of armrest supports enables passengers to enjoy enough space for their legs and knees even with a lower seat pitch between seats. All these innovations will be much praised especially by passengers of a taller stature as well as by operators who can in this way transport more passengers with places to sit while allowing them to take advantage of better comfort without the need to increase the length of a train. Attention is paid also to small tables offering sufficient room needed for work at NTB or allowing passengers to enjoy comfortably their breakfast menu.

  2. Fashionable design

    Fashionable design

    Functional, modern and “slim” design is attractive for both passengers and operators. The conception of the upholstery offers a wide range of colour variations while preserving a distinctive and compact shape of the seat.

  3. Smart solution

    Smart solution

    The seat shift option available in regional transport and allowing a relaxed position to a passenger, adjustable footrest support, headrest with handles for a quiet rest, comfortable and original solution of the seat increasing the comfort of sitting even for longer journeys – all this is a part of the intelligent conception embodied in the seat Genio. However, time spent on a train is also the time spent in active work – great many passengers begins their working day when getting on the train. During their travel, passengers can make use of a folding table with spacious work surface for their notebooks while a classic electrical or USB power sockets are within their hand reach. All in all, GENIO offers a genius solution from head to toe.

  4. Cosy


    Work, entertainment and relaxation – GENIO truly accommodates the latest trends in regional transport. Ergonomic solution of the seat provides comfort to the majority of passengers regardless of their height and weight. The new solution of the seat upholstery and its ergonomic shape is accompanied with the option of a seat shift allowing for a relaxed position, comfortable headrest, adjustable footrest and not to forget a spacious folding table that can be used both when working at laptop or for the refreshments.