In the fall of last year, we became part of the TechArt program with our new design project for first class travel seats (see REFERENCE article). The aim of the project was to modify essential components on the seat platform for Class 2 so that the new product met the parameters required in the first travel class. We focused on the upholstered parts and the armrests.

Thanks to excellent cooperation with the design studio DESCENT, we finished the project before its originally planned conclusion, which we are very pleased with. We created prototypes of modified parts, we received feedback from customers and prepare final models that can be put into series production. This exactly matches the needs we had at the beginning of the project, and the product is already the subject of several ongoing projects.

The project was implemented thanks to support from the subsidy program Business support in the Moravian-Silesian Region 2019 – subsidy title 2 “TechArt” voucher.