We are a leader in the segment of luxury seats for tourist trains! This contract proofs it. Since 2012 when we introduced our first electrically controlled seats, we delivered several exceptional projects. However, one of them is exceptional with its prestige and size. It is the Rocky Mountaineer project for a Canadian operator of luxury panoramic trains travelling across the Rocky Mountains.
It has been 4 years since the delivery of the first seats and until now we have delivered this seat also to other customers, but the Rocky Mountaineer project is still in our hearts and the seats retained the name. Simply, it is a seat of which we are proud and like to show off. Apart from refurbishment of 16 double-deck cars for the luxurious GoldLeaf Class, we are now delivering also the same seats for the new cars of the same class produced by Stadler Pankow. In total, seats will be installed in 26 GoldLeaf Class cars.