Fryčovice, 1. 2. 2020

Today we launched a new project in the company called Product and process innovation of VISIO and FLEXIO railway seats. Its goal is to increase the quality and efficiency of production management and the utility value of new products, which are central to the company’s future competitiveness. With the project, we applied for a grant in January of this year under the operational program Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness, Call VII of the INNOVATION program – Innovation project.

The project solves problems related to increasing production capacity and implementing a new ERP system. This is mainly about effective production management and solving bottlenecks in increasing production capacity, which results from expected future increases in orders and the company’s development strategy. Furthermore, the project addresses the improvement of marketing information management and data collection for the further development of business processes and digitization of the production and storage flow. Another problem solved is to increase the utility value of VISIO and FLEXIO products through certification in the market with the required standards and the expansion of new equipment elements of the FLEXIO seat.

Part of the project is the modernization of the powder coating plant, the purchase of a new robotic welding workplace. Furthermore, digitization of the warehouse and control of the production flow using, for example, new terminals for reading RFID codes and industrial RFID readers. The project also deals with product certification to EN 16989 and GMRT 2100 standards, a marketing study and a design concept for the new FLEXIO seat accessory.

The project will last two years and is scheduled to end at the end of 2021.